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Three Fold Card Wallet Open
Three Fold Card Wallet Upright
Three Fold Card Wallet Closed

Three Fold Card Wallet

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This is the wallet I've used for close to 30 years. Dad always said cards go in the back pocket, cash in the front pocket- where it's safe. In fact the men in my family and most of my friends use this for our daily knocking around wallet. It holds enough cards to get you through any situation, and it helps keep your things organized and at a minimum. If you need to over stuff it, it will fit up to 4 standard size credit cards in each of the 3 pockets, or around 10 standard sized business cards per pocket. Keep stuffing it will stretch it to fit more cards, then eventually there'll be a blowout- cards and receipts will fly everywhere...
  • Closed/empty dimensions-  3⅞" x 2¾" x ¼"
  • Pocket/empty dimensions-  2 @ 3½" x 1½", 1 @ 2⅜" x 2⅜"