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JM Holland • By Hand

Behind the J.M. Holland label is a single man – Jack Holland, who has been working with leather for nearly 70 years. Within each of his bespoke, hand-crafted boxes you’ll find his unique artistry and imagination. He typically spends three to four weeks on each box, working daily in his Sausalito studio to create one-of-a-kind pieces entirely by hand without the use of any machinery.

At the age of ten, Jack apprenticed for a saddle- maker and passionately studied the craft. His own leather designs were initially born out of necessity: Finding no suitable bags for his frequent trips to Africa in the 1970s, he created his own safari bag. In 2013, he launched his own line of leather boxes under the J.M. Holland name and today he has a cult following of clients seeking the finest leather goods with a touch of whimsy and an eye for impeccable detail. 


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