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Classic Billfold Wallet Open
Classic Billfold Wallet Back
Classic Billfold Wallet Closed
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Classic Billfold Wallet Tan

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The Classic Billfold is just that. It has quite a bit more space than the Three Fold. 6 card pockets and a bill slot. I keep mine at home as card cold-storage wallet. It still has my original Social Security card in it. 

If you need to over stuff it, it will comfortably fit 4 standard size credit cards in each of the pockets, or around 10 standard sized business cards per pocket. If you need more room, it's time to cut up a few of those cards. Plenty of US dollars fit, anything over a Euro 50 will peek out the top just a bit. A 10 RMB note will fit just fine.

  • closed/empty dimensions-  4⅛" x 3¼" x ¼"
  • card pocket/empty dimensions- 6 @ 3½" x 1½"
  • large pocket/empty dimensions- 2 @ 3⅛" x 2¾"
  • bill pocket- 1 @ 7⅛" x 3"